ANAGRA×MES×青山 蜂 presents “SEMISSION”

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MES is holding a special experimental party together with “ANAGRA”, art and concert space in Hanzo-mon, and “AOYAMA-HACHI”, night club in Shibuya, for 4 days from July 14th to 17th.

MES has been involved in dozens of events mainly in Shibuya, having started from AOYAMA-HACHI. They focus on Laser Animation and Live Taping, similar to Live Painting but with black light, which is the art to be truly set off in Black Cube. In addition, MESʼs artwork has transformed beyond decoration, installation, or performance, having a constant resonance with sound artists such as track makers, DJs and bands.

For this party, we have gathered those great sound artists who have collaborated with us before, or you will get to witness a new collaboration. You will inevitably be taken to the strong MES world emitted from those sessions all through the floors.